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The After School Club Ltd. is registered and regulated by Ofsted, who periodically visit and assess all aspects of the the club. Separate assessments are made of each setting. We are delighted to say that The Cloisters, Croxley Green and Mill End have all been assessed as “good” in all areas and “good” overall!

Ofsted ratings

Our Cloisters setting was inspected by Ofsted on 27th January and we passed with “Met without recommendations”. From September 2019 Ofsted have changed the way they mark and this is the highest assessment possible – please read the inspection report for this completely independent view of our club.


The Cloisters after school club was inspected on 27th January 2020.

“Children arrive happily after their school day. They quickly settle down to play at an activity of their choosing. The staff know the children they care for well. Children feel safe and quickly form bonds with staff. They enjoy the range of activities on offer and invite staff to join in with the games they play.”

“Children all behave well and interact positively with one another. They sit together as they eat nutritious meals. Staff ensure that the food is suitable for all children, including those with allergies.”

“Parents are pleased with the service that the staff provide. They feel that attending the club supports their children’s social interactions as children make new friends. Staff gain a variety of information about the children before they start. This helps them to meet children’s individual needs. Staff communicate effectively with parents. They share children’s progress using verbal feedback and online systems. They give parents daily feedback when they collect their children to keep them fully informed.”

“The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. The manager ensures that staff’s knowledge is kept up to date. They complete relevant training and the manager checks staff knowledge regularly … Staff practise safeguarding procedures with the children, such as the lockdown procedure. This helps children to become aware of what to do in an emergency.”

The full report is available here: January 2020 Cloisters Ofsted report


Mill End after school club was inspected on 8th October 2018

“Children are well settled and confident. An effective key-person system supports the youngest children to develop strong relationships with the staff. Children are confident in asking adults for help when they need it.”

“The experienced staff team receives good support from the manager. She ensures that staff keep their professional knowledge up to date and that they participate in regular training to ensure that they keep children safe.”

“Children have a wide range of activities in which to participate. Older children play with the younger ones and act as positive role models for them.”

“Children use their imaginations well. They enjoy playing with the staff, who support them effectively to develop their ideas. For example, staff skilfully ask children a range of questions that encourages them to think in more depth about the games that they are playing and the artwork that they create.”

“Parents are complimentary about the service offered. They feel well informed about their child’s day and comment on how much their children enjoy attending.”

The full report is available here: October 2018 Mill End Ofsted Report


The Croxley Green after school club was inspected by Ofsted on 20th January 2017.

“Staff work in good partnership with parents. They provide a range of information, such as the weekly plans and information about upcoming events. Parents comment that they are very happy with the club and the care that is provided. They say their children are happy and that the staff are approachable.”

“The management team has a robust supervision process for staff. They have regular reviews with the manager. Together they identify suitable training that will support staff to enhance and strengthen their skills and practice.”

“The key-person system works well in supporting new children to settle in quickly. Children build good relationships with staff. They quickly become confident and are eager to share their views and opinions.”

“Children are provided with a wide range of activities that challenges and interests them, such as pretending to be doctors and bandaging up one another.”

The full report is available here: January 2017 Croxley Green Ofsted report