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The Cloisters Hall is in a quiet residential area on the lower High Street in Rickmansworth. During term-times we collect 4-8 year old pupils from Rickmansworth Park and Malvern Way and look after them at the After School Club. In the holidays children of any age from 4-12 from any school are welcome at the Holiday Club. The hall is a 5-minute walk from the station and has it’s own car park.

There is large main hall, a smaller hall, a kitchen and various places to store equipment. The main hall is big enough for a variety of activities to be organised simultaneously in different parts of the hall. On the stage we set out lego, constructions kits, soft toys and so on, plus beanbags for children who just want to chat with their friends or chill out. All our large equipment is put out daily including air hockey, table football, exercise equipment, caterpillar, home corner and book corner. We use the space in lots of different ways. In the smaller hall areas are set aside for arts and craft, den building and various activities such as bowling, plus the ever popular section for Nintendos, Playstations, wii and computer.

Outside we have a secure, lawned garden area with swings, a roundabout, a slide and a basketball net. The garden includes a patio area which we use for bikes and scooters. During the summer Holiday Club we set up a large 5 metre pool which the children love!