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Our clubs are conveniently located in four local halls in and around Rickmansworth. Our Breakfast and After School Clubs are organised so that children attend a club which is near to their school. The Holiday Club runs at the Cloisters Hall in Rickmansworth and is open to children from all schools.

School Breakfast Club After School Club Holiday Club
Arnett Hills Mill End Mill End Cloisters
Harefield Infants & Juniors n/a Mill End / Cloisters Cloisters
Harvey Road Croxley Croxley * Cloisters
Little Green Croxley Cloisters * Cloisters
Malvern Way Croxley Cloisters * Cloisters
Rickmansworth Park n/a Cloisters Cloisters
Shepherds Mill End Mill End Cloisters
St John's Mill End Mill End Cloisters
St Peter's Mill End Mill End Cloisters
Yorke Mead Croxley Croxley * Cloisters
(other schools) n/a n/a Cloisters
* there is flexibility in the choice of Croxley or Cloisters so that siblings can be collected from the same location in the evening