The After School Club, Breakfast Club and Holiday Club are open on the dates shown in the table below. The easiest way to enrol and manage your bookings is through our online booking system.

If you need further information or would prefer not to use the online system our contact details are:

  • Email:
  • Phone:        07958 666621
  • Mail:           160 Highfield Way, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 7PJ

An enrolment form must be completed prior to the date of first booking.

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Term or holiday From To Coronavirus status
Spring 1st Half Term 5 January 12 February We will reopen when the schools do
Spring Half Term Holiday 15 February 19 February
Spring 2nd Half Term 22 February 26 March Reopened on 8th March
Easter Holiday 29 March 9 April Excluding bank holidays
Summer 1st Half Term 12 April 28 May Excluding bank holidays
Summer half term holiday 1 June 4 June
Summer 2nd half term 7 June 20 July
Summer holiday 21 July TBD
Autumn 1st half term TBD TBD
Autumn half term holiday TBD TBD
Autumn 2nd half term TBD TBD
Christmas Holiday TBD TBD